Amazon Echo update lets users access first-aid instructions easily

NEW DELHI: Amazon Echo hands free speaker, which is powered by the company’s own Alexa digital assistant, can perform various functions based on user’s voice commands. Now, British Red Cross has launched a new Alexa feature (or Skill) for the Echo users that can come in handy in saving lives.

The new feature lets users easily access step-by-step first aid advice, report The Express UK. The new Alexa skill teaches users several first-aid treatments including dealing with severe bleeding, burns and a seizure. The skill can be installed on the Amazon Echo using a companion app on the smartphone and can be accessed by giving the voice command – “Alexa. Open First Aid”. Users can then ask queries like “Alexa, ask First Aid how to help someone having a seizure.”

Amazon to launch Alexa-powered Echo in India this year: Report


The British Red Cross Head of First Aid Education, Joe Mulligan said that, “We’ll be developing this product all the time based on user feedback, and we’re looking forward to seeing it grow.”


On a related note, Amazon is all geared up to bring its voice-activated smart speaker Echo to India. According to a report by FactorDaily website in February the company is planning to introduce the device in second half of 2017.


Amazon Echo is powered by the company’s AI-equipped voice assistant Alexa. It can also act as a smart hub device for home automation. Citing sources, the report said that Amazon is “putting together content and localizing the service, and Amazon Echo is expected to be announced in second half of 2017.”


Announced in 2014, Amazon Alexa lets users enjoy music, manage everyday tasks and ask questions via voice commands. It offers real-time answers for questions ranging from cooking, news and sports to even basic day-to-day tasks like knowing the weather, stock markets and so on.

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